Abracs Add Cobalt And Step Drill Bit Sets To Their Arsenal

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Abracs Add Cobalt And Step Drill Bit Sets To Their Arsenal

Abracs increase the Drill Bits Range with the inclusion of the BRAND NEW Cobalt and Step Drill Bit Sets. The full range now includes Titanium Coated Bits, SDS+ Masonry Bits and the two new sets making it one of the most expansive ranges on the market.

Step Drill Bits Abracs Step Drill Bits are designed with a three edged shank to eliminate slipping and a dual cutting edge for super fast and effective drilling performance. The precision split point feature ensures a quick start with no pilot holes required and the unique anti-jamming flute gives a smooth and consistent performance.

Resident Product Tester, Bruce Bellinger, was extremely keen to get these bits into the Test Zone, “These bits are absolutely essential for cutting large holes in any sheet materials. They were incredibly efficient, saving time on not having to change the bit over. The split point anchored the material and the long traverse on each size which means you wouldn’t burst through to the next size if you were being a bit over zealous”

The set includes three Step Drill Bits, 4-12mm, 6-20mm and 6-30mm, each with a 4mm step depth on each side for accurate holes on a wide range of materials up to a 4mm in thickness. Each Drill Bit increases in 2mm increments giving the user 14 different sizes in one handy carry case. Streamline your drilling job and maximise performance with these Brand New Step Drill Bits.

Cobalt Drill Bits Abracs Cobalt Drill Bits feature a precision split point to centre the bit, ensuring accuracy and preventing skidding when cutting into the surface of the desired material, resulting in greater productivity and cleaner holes.

The inclusion of 5% Cobalt increases the strength of the hardened steel body, and the resistance to heat, an important factor in drilling hard materials as the friction against metal can produce high temperatures that damage standard drill bits.

We handed the bits over to Bruce Bellinger so he could have his say, “Cobalt drill bits may be a touch more expensive than other drill bits, but if you regularly drill through metal, these are a fantastic investment. They stay cool in the cutting material, sharp, and have an extremely long lifespan”

The Cobalt Drill Bits come in two sets, a 19pc with 1-10mm sizes, and a 25pc set with 1-13mm sizes, all at 0.5mm increments. Supplied in a handy and durable metal tin.

Stay one step ahead of the game with Step Drill Bits and go Rock Hard on Heavy Metal with the Cobalt Drill Bits.

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