Abracs Expert Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bits. A Diamond Is A Tiles Best Friend.

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Abracs Expert Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bits. A Diamond Is A Tiles Best Friend.

Introducing the BRAND NEW range of Abracs Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bits, a tiles best friend. Built for precise and intricate drilling of granite, porcelain, all tiles and glass mosaic. Featuring a wax coolant system, vacuum deposited multi-layered diamond and self-sharpening technology to ensure these bits go harder for longer.

Built with a multi layered diamond tip for fast and effective drilling, these drill bits are self-sharpening, offering extreme lifetime and ultimate performance.

The wax coolant system absorbs heat during the drilling process, melting the wax to cool and lubricate the drill bit. This eliminates the need for water, unless drilling multiple holes when the drill bit should easily be dipped into cool water, resetting the wax, ready for it to absorb heat and lubricate the bit again and again.

Efficiency and productivity is key with these drill bits. Minimal pressure is required whether drilling vertically or horizontally. If using without a drill guide it is recommended to start the drilling process at a 45 degree angle to penetrate the desired material, straightening up once anchored.

Bruce Bellinger, our resident product tester had his say on the brand new bits, “I tested these drill bits against some of our competitors, and I was thrilled with the results. Our bits stayed sharper for longer, drilling more holes at quicker speeds. I found that with regularly removing any debris from the tip ensured the build up of material didn’t restrict the wax from cooling and lubricating.”

Abracs offer the Dry Diamond Tile Drill Bits in sizes from 6mm to 14mm, with a Duo bit of 6mm and 8mm as well as a 4 piece set including sizes 6, 8 and 10mm as well as a Drill Guide. These bits really are a tiles best friend, let the diamonds do the work so you don’t have to.

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